Rose Gold CABLE KNIT KNOT Bow by Baby Bling

Baby Bling Bows

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Rose Gold CABLE KNIT KNOT Bow by Baby Bling

A classic cable knit woven pattern, sure to give that  little head a warm hug. Rich colors available every season to keep your little one cozy and in style.  DETAILS: * Cable knit design woven into the fabric makes it look like your favorite sweater. * Limited seams on the headband means maximum stretch for ultimate comfort. * Visible stitching adds detail and protects the integrity of the fabric; no holes were cut to turn the seams in. * Extra little textured details showcase your eye for style. * This style is sewn in two pieces for mix-and-matching to create a custom look. * Each headband is hand sewn and tied by women in our local community.

- Baby Bling 

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