White "Mama's my girl" Tee/shirt by Ford & Wyatt

Ford & Wyatt

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White "Mama's my girl" Tee/shirt by Ford & Wyatt

"Hey there little t-shirt! The Baby White Mama's My Girl Tee is made in Los Angeles, California from 100% Pima Cotton. This product has a true-to-size fit, size up for growing room. Our American Pima (Supima) Cotton is garment-dyed and buttery soft. An innovative print process keeps ink smooth over time. Get ready to snuggle this t-shirt!

100% American Pima (Supima) Cotton
Garment Dyed, Enzyme Washed
Soft print
True Fit

Note – This product is garment dyed. Some variation can occur between batches."

- Ford & Wyatt 

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