Eyee Kids - Classic Turban Head Wrap- Marled Camel

Eyee Kids

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Eyee Kids - Classic Turban Head Wrap- Marled Camel

Super cute turban styled headbands! This particular turban style is SEWN SHUT. The way to adjust the length is the play with the actual knot itself. Tighten the knot to lengthen the headband, loosen the knot to make the headband's circumference smaller. Sizes Available: Small- will fit babies around 3-12 months old Medium- will fit babies around 1-3yo Large- will fit Child/teen/adult Washing instructions: Spot clean using phosphate-free detergent and lay flat to dry. *****Please do not leave your baby/child unattended while wearing this headband, especially when napping or sleeping. Risk of suffocation and/or choking hazard. The buyer assumes all and any responsibilities while the baby/child wears the headband.*****

- Eyee Kids 

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