Sully the Sloth by Scatterbrain


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Sully the Sloth by Scatterbrain

Sully the Sloth, the sensory toy that HUGS! Providing calming hugs with his long arms & velcro hands, Sully is the PERFECT snuggle buddy for all ages. Sully hands velcro together so he can wrap his arms around your neck and give you a secure, calming hug. He is an excellent toy for interactive play as he is able to sit up, hug, & hang. His tag also doubles as a matching sticker. Sully is a surprisingly popular toy with adults as well as children. A popular baby shower gift, or he provides the prefect way to mail a hug to a dear friend. He is made with a super soft faux fur fabric, child safety eyes, velcro hands, and he has poly beads in his bottom for extra sensory input. He measures 12 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and his arms measure 12.5 inches long. He is machine washable, tumble dry low. Although popular as a new born gift or for children under 3, due to his plastic eyes, he legally has to be recommended for ages 3 and up. Designed in Boston, Massachusetts.

- Scatterbrain

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